International Photography Exhibition

5th - 14th November 2020

Closing date for submissions 21st October 2020

Submission is free! Only selected photographers pay a participation fee.

The Glasgow Gallery of Photography will be hosting a juried group photography exhibition on contemporary portraiture. 
Portraiture photography can often tell a many different 
stories without any clear narrative only replying on the people in the photographs to express emotions to tell their story. We want to see your portraits, black & white and colour, off all subjects.
These can be posed in a studio setting in a street shot, or with a model or a stranger.

Entry is FREE however if selected to participate there is a fee of £35.00 to help cover the costs of the exhibition.
The Glasgow gallery of photography will print and display your work for 7 days, in our gallery and then permentantly display your work in a special gallery online on our website.

Work will be printed to a high standard and be no smaller that 16x12 inches, How the work will be displayed will be decided nearer the exhibition, work can be framed but can also be shown without frames, We usually do not select more that 75 images for exhibitions.


How to submit

Collect between 5 of your favourite images, Make sure they are at least 300ppi and are JPEG ONLY
and put your name on them johnsmith1.jpeg johnsmith2.jpeg

(We use Loxley colour printers who recommend these sizes for best results)

Email your selected images via Wetransfer 


with your name, and country of origin and the exhibition you are entering (Portraiture) 


Submissions that do not follow this criteria will not be considered for exhibition!

If your image is selected we will email  you and inform you and you can pay the participation fee of £35.00 Here.

We will then prepare your image for print and exhibition in our gallery for the Allocated time period as well as show your work on our website and social media.