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Now open for submissions
DEADLINE: Febuary 2nd 2022

Out of the frame was a series of online exhibitions to help promote and expand the audience for photographers while galleries were closed and unable to operate normally during the covid 19 pandemic.
These exhibitions took place in the form of online exhibitions that were shared across many platforms including in the form of zines, books and window displays.
While the gallery was closed the Glasgow gallery of photography had to come up with new and inventive ways to help photographers share their work with a an audience.
As the Glasgow Gallery of photography begins to enter a new phase we are continuing to look at ways to expand our audience further afield and continue to deliver a vehicle for photographers to share their work with a large audience. As much as we look forward to becoming a physical gallery again we can not ignore the world has changed and that the photography world is now more online than ever before.
As a gallery our goal was to get people off line and into galleries to have their work printed and displayed to the wider public, to people who may not otherwise engage with the media of photography and galleries.
This goal was to enrich the photographer and to garnish a new audience in the real world away from Facebook and Instagram and add value to the work photographers do.
however the pandemic has taken us in the opposite direction, so the gallery will now have to work twice as hard to achieve these goals, all while recognising there is a big wide world out there with an international audience hungry to view photography work we must embrace technology and use it to help photographers succeed, so going forward we will continue to use our out of the frame programme to do this.

We will be hosting an online ONLY Exhibition From the 4th February until February 28th with the theme of Shadows and light.
We want photographers to submit up to 6 images featuring good use of shadow and light.
Every picture has its shadows, And it has some source of light….. 
For this group exhibition we are looking for photographic images whose success rests in the  quality of the light, harsh of diffuse, bright or dim, natural or artificial, their subjects  All capture methods are welcome.
Still Life, portraits are most welcome as are most genres, However please do not send street photography as we are currently running a separate exhibition for that.

This is a pay and participate exhibition, If you pay, we will display (We do not take fee's then turn folk away, we abhor this practice that many galleries adopt.

The participation fee for this exhibition is £18, but this the marketing costs and hosting your images on our website.

Once you have submitted your work it will be selected by our gallery curator and exhibitions co-ordinator, your work The work will then be displayed on the website and sent to our mailing list of over 1000 people, it will also be shared to thousands of people on social media. The purpose of which is to bring your work to a new much wider audience.
your name will be displayed along side your work.



STEP 1: Please submit 6 images that are 72ppi
and 1600 Pixels Minimum on the longest side. 


STEP 2: Name your image file. JohnSmith1.jpeg etc (If you do not name your images correctly they could be lost or misplaced and delay the exhibition)

STEP 3: Make sure your image is a JPEG.

STEP 4: Send us your 6 jpegs with your name ( Your nationality would also be good) via Wetransfer/Dropbox to

STEP 5: Pay your participation Fee at the button below.


STEP 6: Relax, we'll do the rest.

We will then post on social media and our website where each image can be located, we will also provide online images for our International exhibitors.

Images will be chosen by the exhibition curator, we will chose as many as we can but space is limited so we will insure everyone has at least 1 image on display.

Hit the button below and pay the submission fee then
Send 6 images via wetransfer/Dropbox to and we will do the rest.

                                DEADLINE FEBUARY 2ND 2022

Participation Fee £15.00


Pay Now


Unfortunately we do not accept Paypal due to the high fees.
Our payment system is extremely safe and your details are not kept on record.
If you really want to pay by Paypal you can go to our donations page as pay your fee as a donation, however please make us aware of this.